The duo was born in August 2022. Since Lea is coming from the classical world and Gábor from Jazz they developed a new style by connecting classical music with Jazz, Basso Nova and more. The inclusion of electronical music elements shapes a neo classical vibe and gives an interesting concert experience to the audience who shows it always with several number of wanted encores. With this individual fusion of quality and modernity they’re reaching out to a young new audience as well as to the older audience.

Herewith the most important performances:
In October 2022 the duo played in Berlin at the german
parliament. Furthermore they had 3 performances at the World Food Forum of the United Nations in Rome.
In December the duo was opening a sport event in front of 9000 people in the Max-Schmelling-Halle in Berlin.
2023 they started with a new years concert tour in Nordrhein-Westfalen in Germany. With in the social media serial „Igudesman presents“ of the famous violinist and composer Aleksey Igudesman he presented them with a recording of their new version of Vivaldi‘s spring „Vivaldi in Rio“. Since 2022 the Duo performed at the Franz Liszt Institut in Paris and in Brussels, at the FiraB! Festival in Mallorca, the German ambassy in Budapest and in Vienna among others.